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Cass Lake Fishing ReportCass Lake

Tim and Walleye

"Tim Friesel with a fat 25" Cass Lake eye. Nice fish Tim!"

August 29, 2013

Walleyes continue to be caught on Cass Lake on leeches and crawlers. Finding weed humps and points has been key. Live bait rigging a leech or crawler along the edges of the weeds and points has been successful for many anglers. Allen's bay has been the most consistent action for both the northern and walleye anglers. The humps of the main lake have been producing fish as well slowly pulling red tail minnows in 14-22 feet. Moving slow has seem to be a key .4 to .5 mph has seemed to be the most consistently productive speed. The muskie action on Cass Lake is heating up once again. Small bucktails and twitch baits have proven successful recently.

July 19, 2013

Cass Lake- Walleyes and perch can be found on the main lake humps out on Cass. Slowly rigging a leech or a crawler over the tops of these humps has been producing some quality fish for anglers. Shallow running crankbaits have also been producing fish in the evenings in 4-8 feet of water off both Star and Cedar Islands. The muskie bite has been good out on Cass Lake as well with multiple fish being seen each night by many anglers.
Keep a Tight Line!

June 20, 2013

Cass lake walleyes are staging their early summer patterns. Fish are starting to show up on the mid lake humps on Cass. The jig bite has still been the ticket in 5 to 9 feet of water on the shorelines and long shallow bars. The rigging bite has been picking up with some of the bigger fish coming off rigs out on the deeper breaks and humps. The bigger the rocks the more fish it seems. The fish will be starting to show up in the cabbage weeds in the weeks to come, and are always worth a pull through with a crawler. Any color of KenKatch 3D eye jigs with  some white on it has been key.

June 3, 2013

Walleyes are schooled up and starting to locate on mid lake bars and humps along with rocky shores across mid lake. The fish are being found in 4-12 feet of water on sand flats. There is also fish starting to show up around Strawberry point , look for green cabbage starting to grow. Jig and a minnow in the shallower water along with leech rigs in 10-12 feet have been producing the most fish. Bright colors have been the hottest including chart, perch, and watermelon. Kenkatch hair jigs  tipped with a fathead have really started to turn on along with long shanks tipped with a shiner have been the best. Pike Bay is starting to turn on as of the last couple weeks , it shouldn't be long and we will start seeing the giants that lake produces . Keep a tight line!

May 27, 2013

Not a lot changing from our last report other than the bite is getting better. Walleyes are out of spawn creating a fishable number showing up in Allens Bay and Pug Hole areas along with rocky shores across mid lake. The fish are being found in 4-12 feet of water on sand flats in close relation to their spawning grounds. There is also fish starting to show up around Stony Point, look for green cabbage starting to grow. Jig and a minnow in the shallower water along with leech rigs in 10-12 feet have been producing the most fish. Bright colors have been the hottest including chart, perch, and watermelon. Kenkatch banana heads tipped with a fathead along with long shanks tipped with a shiner have been the best. Pike Bay is starting to turn on as of this week, it shouldn't be long now till we start hearing of good numbers entering anglers boats.

May 19, 2013

Walleyes have been coming out of spawn and a large number of fish are showing up in Allens Bay and Pug Hole areas. The fish are being found in 4-12 feet of water on sand flats in close relation to their spawning grounds. There is also fish starting to show up around Stony Point. Jig and a minnow in the shallower water along with leech rigs in 10-12 feet have been producing the most fish. Bright colors have been the hottest including chart, perch, and watermelon. Kenkatch banana heads tipped with a fathead along with long shanks tipped with a shiner have been the best. Pike Bay has not been producing the numbers of fish due to the colder water temps.

December 6, 2012

Not enough ice yet to venture out on. Hopefully some colder weather will arrive soon to get things going a bit!!

September 6, 2012

Welcome MWC Anglers! You’re in luck – Cass Lake right now has the hottest bite going in the area. Should have no trouble getting your nice slot fish fishing 6-14’. Leeches, crawlers, and minnows all seem to be producing. Most anglers reporting live bait outfishing artificial right now during day time hours. Rigging redtails along weedlines in 12-14’ has also been working quite well, but seems like leeches and crawlers have been baits of choice for majority of anglers this past week. Finding the kicker fish is the question. Keep a Tight Line!

August 28, 2012

Good bite going – all species! And, man! anglers really hooking into some monster northern pike out there! Walleyes being caught using minnows, leeches, or crawlers (anglers’ preference). All seem to be productive right now. On Cass the water is much more clear than the other lakes around it. So, a more aggressive style of fishing isn’t a bad idea - Crankbaits, spinnerblades, jigs tipped with minnows and Beatlespins. What’s most frustrating with Cass is that anglers are catching walleyes anywhere from 5 feet deep to 32 feet deep right now using all the above techniques. The Perch Bite is phenomenal right now! Anglers that get frustrated with chasing walleyes can easily change up their technique and catch a limit of nice perch. Cass Lake probably has the hottest bite going in the area. Channel between Cass and Pike Bay – boats ARE able to navigate the channel right now. Keep a Tight Line!

August 16, 2012

During daylight hours anglers are getting on some good walleye bites using leeches and crawlers--rigging them or, putting them on spinner harnesses—it’s your choice. Depths from 12-26’. Fishing breaks off mid-lake structures using this method has been working well for most anglers and guides. Toward sunset anglers are reporting catching good numbers of walleyes pulling crankbaits, Reef Runners and so on, on top of the bars. Water clarity is good for this time of year, helping to make the fish more active, and requiring more aggressive fishing techniques. MUSKIES – reports of some nice follows and a few high 40’s caught. But anglers, this lake gets hit hard--they’re skinny. Anglers are catching some nice Jumbo Perch fishing shallower water up on top of Cedar and Wishbone Bars. Secret of producing Jumbo Perch limits right now is being mobile. You’ll catch a few in one spot – MOVE ON and you WILL catch your limit. Keep a Tight Line!

August 10, 2012

Great leech bite goin on for the walleyes right now fishing the sand shelves and weed breaks (5-12’). Crank-baiting wind blown showlines after dark has been producing good numbers of limits. Serious rock bite starting for muskies, burning Bucktails, Creeping Top-Waters, along with throwing large rubber on the breaklines has been producing many nice fish. Still a good weed bite going on. Put your time in and get that BIG YANK!!!
Keep a Tight Line!

August 2, 2012

Walleyes being caught in various depths 3-18’. Most anglers are pulling crawlers on harnesses or snells and producing good numbers of walleyes. Green and chart or hammered brass seem to be the best choice of colors this past week, and your favorite crankbaits on top of the shelves for the night bite. MUSKIES - Really starting to snap on bucktails! Been hearing a lot of reports of rock fish as well as weed fish coming to the boat. Keep active and keep casting – a large reward will come in the end when you least expect it. Keep a Tight Line!

July 26, 2012

Walleyes still biting decent on crawlers and spinners with bottom bouncers. Anglers also producing good numbers pulling leeches on straight lindy rigs with no blades, while fishing in the cabbage using jigs tipped with crawlers or minnows has also been productive--or flipping up on rock shelves and dragging off (7-24’). Chart/green or yellow/orange depending on the day have been the best producing colors.
Muskies biting aggressively on Double 10 bucktails and gliders, and also top-waters over cabbage. Anglers also starting to produce some rock fish, but haven’t seen too many holding yet to mid-lake structure! Keep a Tight Line!!

June 26, 2012

Cass Lake - SMOKIN’!! THE LEECH BITE IS ON!! Anglers producing walleyes using leeches—either drifting with a snell, or trolling with a Lindy rig with a blade, working favorite bars in depths from 17-28’. Many resort guests and seasonals also report that pulling crankbaits in the evenings in shallower waters (6-12’) has also been productive. An aggressive walleye bite going on right now!! Keep a Tight Line!!

June 5, 2012

The walleye bite on Cass REALLY turning on!! Leeches or minnows—both are producing well. Slower presentations seem to be working best according to most anglers-fishing depths 6-18’. Color doesn’t seem to matter right now. Anglers have been having success fishing shallow mid-lake structure coming up to that 18’ mark or less. The crawler bite isn’t really there yet because of cooler water temps, so anglers have been sticking with minnows and leeches for right now. The night bite has been quite a bit slower. Not sure why—water temps? But overall, the walleyes are definitely putting the feeding bag on! Pike Bay is giving up her walleyes on steeper and deeper breaks. Dragging a leech on a snell still seems to be the ticket. Keep a Tight Line!

May 24, 2012

Unbelievable walleye and perch bite going on right now! Fish are feeding heavy after spawn. Leeches and minnows are producing best in 15-26’. Great reports fishing north shoreline in 11’, also numbers of anglers are reporting an excellent early morning bite fishing shorelines or edges of mid-lake humps holding tight to or fishing right in the cabbage. Best selling baits have been large leeches and spot tail shiners. Best colors reported recently have been white and chartreuse. The crawler bite hasn’t quite turned on. Not saying you won’t hook into ‘em using crawlers, or crankbaits, but they’re not the baits of choice for the majority of anglers just yet. Excellent bite also going on fishing Andrusia right now, with anglers fishing 8-15’. Pike Bay has it going on but in deeper waters. Nice walleyes being produced and also reports of some monsters being caught and released using large to jumbo leeches in depths up to 32’. Keep a Tight Line!

March 14, 2012

Still a struggle trying to find schools of jumbo perch on the big water—lots of sorting going on to find your keepers. Anglers report finding nicer-size perch fishing shallow. NOTE: Pay close attention to the currents with the warm weather. Keep a Tight Line!

March 7, 2012

Anglers report catching good numbers of perch using glow jigs tipped with minnowheads or small minnows. A lot of sorting going on to find the keepers. Reports of fish being produced in 9' and less. Honestly, Anglers, your best bet right now is Pike Bay to consistently be finding the largest numbers of jumbos. Keep a Tight Line!

March 5, 2012

February 14, 2012

It's been a tough bite out there, but at least anglers have had some decent weather to get out there and catch some rays. Pike Bay has been the lake to fish with anglers reporting high numbers of decent perch. Keep a Tight Line!

January 2, 2012

Starting to get some good safe ice reports! Many are driving full size trucks—just beware of your location on the lake—currents and pressure ridges. Obviously, the deeper water has thinner ice. Anglers are fishing for walleyes and discovering some awesome perch—and then switching gears a bit. Not saying the walleye bite has been slow—but the perch fishing has been a lot more active. Anglers are producing fish jigging 14-18’, 4 inches off the bottom, using a jig tipped with a minnowhead. Best color has been glow green. As we all know, the DNR opened up spearing on Cass Lake—so far there’s no evidence that having it shut down for 14 years created the trophies that people were expecting—but a lot of beautiful muskies are being seen!
Keep a Tight Line!

August 23, 2011

The walleye bite on Cass has picked up significantly. Anglers are fishing a bit deeper (most fishing 15-32'). You won't find large schools, so to produce limits move frequently. Pulling rigs seems to be producing the best numbers right now. Anglers are using larger minnows such as redtails, or leeches and crawlers, working shorelines or midlake structures. Larger walleyes are being caught in the deeper columns. So fishing shallow, you may have to weed through the smaller walleyes to find your eaters. Perch are being produced using jigs tipped with smaller fathead minnows. Some nice perch are being caught, folks, in 6-11'. The south side of Star Island has been my favorite spot lately. Muskie update – does this lake get hammered or what? Keep a Tight Line!

August 16, 2011

Higher numbers of both walleyes and perch have slowed down, but anglers are still catching limits – working hard for them. You can blame that on the hot weather we've had so much of this summer. Anglers are producing walleyes using live bait rigs - pulling mostly leeches and some redtails in 6-19'. At night walleyes are being found at 15' off Tom's Bar, Buck Bar, and Turtle River Bar. A lot of mid-lake structure fishing – just outside the weedlines. Reef Runners and other crankbaits such as Rapalas are producing walleye fishing mid-lake structure and following shoreline 9' and shallower. Perch are being produced using jigs tipped with smaller minnows south of Star Island and off Stony Point in 6-9'. The musky bite continues to be on the slower side. Cowgirls seem to be the most productive – lots of follows. Muskies should really be turning on in the next couple of weeks! Keep a Tight Line!

July 12, 2011

The walleye bite on Cass is decent. Some anglers are saying it's slow, but the bite has moved more shallow. The bite was at 18-32' and has now switched to 6-14'. Rigging with leeches or crawlers has been working well to produce walleye at these shallow depths. Follow weedline structure while rigging – doesn't matter whether it's mid-lake or shoreline structure. A lot of limits are coming off of The Kettle, and also the shoreline east of Cedar Island. The perch bite is phenominal using jigs tipped with fatheads on some of the mid-lake structures, and we're talkin' real jumbo perch, folks. Upcoming cooler temps may push the walleye deeper but it won't happen overnight. Muskies are being seen, but very few are being caught. A lot of follows and no takers. Good luck and keep a tight line!

July 7, 2011

Cass Lake seems to be on-again and off-again according to many anglers. But, listening to a lot of the guides, anglers don't need to go out there with all kinds of fancy tackle. What has been working consistently is drifting with a large leech on a snell or a slow troll, if lake is flat, fishing mid-lake structure from 18-32'. The leech bite is ON! Keep a Tight Line!

June 13, 2011

Walleye bite on Cass still going strong. Good numbers being produced by anglers fishing shallow following the shiner run. Lots of anglers fishing with jigs tipped with spot tail shiners anywhere from 5-12'. Slow presentation and finessed jigging seems to be the best technique. Trolling with spinner blades and a minnow is too fast a presentation just yet. Best color choices: blue and white and chartreuse. The leech bite has also been productive in controlled drifts dragging the leech on a snell in depths from 6-18'. Keep in mind a slow presentation with this method is producing best results. A little more difficult working through vegetation, but worth trying. The crawler bite hasn't taken off just yet. Not saying don't try them, but a jig and a minnow will out fish a crawler right now. Keep a Tight Line!

May 26, 2011

With cooler temps the leech bite has slowed down. Nothing going on crawlers just yet due to colder water temps. This is also true for the Mississippi coming into Andrusia. Best bet for producing walleye is fishing shallow using a slower presentation, jigging with a little finesse, fishing weedlines with depths from 4-12'. You'll find green weeds starting to sprout coming up to 2-5' off the bottom in some areas. In these areas you want to swim your jig. Best jig colors have been chartreuse, blue and white, and pure white tipped with a spot tail shiner. Good Luck and Keep a Tight Line!

May 18, 2011

Walleyes are shallow coming out of their spawning stage (4-13' shoreline structure). Good groups of walleyes being found in Allen's Bay. Jigs and shiners have been producing, but there has been a really good leech bite pulling in the 11' range. White and Chart. Jigs 1/8 or ¼ tipped with spot tail shiners or rainbows has been producing well for area anglers. Some big walleyes being caught on Pike Bay late in the evenings pulling rigs and jigging. Keep a Tight Line!

March 30, 2001

Still good perch fishing shallow on the sand flats. Anglers able to sight-fish!! Pick out the ones you want to go for!! (7-9'). Keep a Tight Line!!

March 24, 2001

With the warmer weather the perch have been turning on in the shallows. Work the sand flats, south of Star Island, up on the North End - pretty much wherever there's a sand flat - drill some holes and you should be able to find some nice perch. Waxies and crappie minnows on a plain round head jig are producing well - nothing fancy. Keep a Tight Line!

March 9, 2011

March 3, 2011

With the walleye season now at a close anglers are now focusing on jumbo perch.  Colder temps are making the hunt more difficult.  A few jumbos are being caught in the Knutson Dam area and by Stony Point with depths varying anywhere from 6-23' depending on cloud cover.  Also hearing of a few crappies being picked up in Allen's Bay – not limits – but a few.  As far as the jumbo perch bite on Cass, Spot Tail Shiners have been producing some true jumbos on deadsticks using plain red hooks.  Pike Bay producing better numbers around the 12-15' range using a more aggressive approach.  Larger jigs with minnowheads are working well.  Ice conditions on both Cass and Pike Bay are dramatically improved -  slush has now frozen and mobility is no longer a problem.   On both lakes you'll be weeding through the smaller ones to get a decent meal for the day.  Keep a tight line!

February 23, 2011

Perch fishing has turned on and a fair amount of jumbos are being caught out of Jay's Bay and off Sailstar Bar (7-15') with occasional walleyes mixed in. Large fatheads on deadsticks doing well with small Gem-N-Eyes. Pike Bay still producing a good number of large perch (12-18') jigging minnowheads on larger spoons. Mobility is crucial. Keep a Tight Line!

February 16, 2011

Walleyes and perch being found 11-18' using small shiners on a plain hook deadsticking. Jigging Lindy Fliers or Buckshots with a minnowhead also producing. Jig-N-Raps as well. Pike Bay is producing nicer-size perch and good numbers using larger spoons like slip-drops or Slender Spoons by Custom tipped with minnowheads. Keep a Tight Line!

February 10, 2011

Talked with Steve Ballou, owner of Break on the Lake Resort, for an updated fishing report. Steve mentioned the fishing pressure has been slow this week due to slush off the roads and difficulty getting around. Those who are fishing are getting the occasional walleye in 20-22' with perch and northern mixed in.

February 1, 2011

January 26, 2011

Perch, Northern, and Walleye are biting on white or blue swedish pimples or jigging raps tipped with shiner minnows in morning and afternoon in 22 feet of water. Great plowed roads out of Steve Ballou's Break on the Lake Resort in Cass Lake may be used for $8.

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